Measuring For Success - Part II - Effective decision making and goal setting

Measuring For Success - Part II - Effective decision making and goal setting

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What would it feel like if everything didn’t fall on your shoulders, but instead everyone was engaged in driving the business?

Renowned author David Veech will help you transform your organisation's culture in 4 easy steps.

Part II:  Sessions 2, 3, 4

  • Session 2:  How to measure for more effective decision-making and goal setting

    • In this session we will offer specific metrics and algorithms and how they relate to an organization’s strategic priorities.
    • How to cultivate a particular focus on PLAN vs ACTUAL – How to build the plan and how to measure the actual in all aspects of your organization.


    Session 3: Building and using tiered visual management systems

    • In this session, we will focus on how to display different measures for different levels of the organization to achieve line of sight at each level toward a designated true north.
    • We’ll provide chart templates and guidelines for a variety of functions


    Session 4: Measuring for leader development and high-speed problem solving

    • In this final session, we focus on developing leadership skills through an effective measurement system, tying together visual management, huddles, leader standardized work, gemba walks, and coaching.

Who is David Veech?

Professor David Veech is an author, senior lecturer at the Ohio State University and a former US Army Officer. He worked as a management consultant and executive coach after a successful career in the army. His work is focused on helping leaders to create an engaging organisational culture for driving productivity, reducing turnover, and increasing satisfaction for clients in aerospace and health care industries around the world.

David is the author of several best-selling books on leadership, teamwork and management using lean principles. His most recent book “Leadersights” focuses on providing simple techniques for building and improving the skills that drive critical leader behaviours.

Class Information

Start Date: November 17, 3:00 – 5:00 pm US Eastern
Duration: 3 live seminars
Locations: Virtual Classroom / Live Sessions